Elf Crafts

Come visit our elves in the North Pole for porcelain pottery decorating. 

To visit the Elves and take part in the crafts be sure to book your Elf Craft after booking your admission tickets,  £5.00 per activity per child

Everyday from 10am

Gingerbread decorating with Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus is back in the kitchen in the house,  where she will be decorating gingerbread men in the servants kitchen. To visit Mrs Claus be sure to book your ticket after booking your admission ticket. £5.00 per child.


Monday to Thursdays 3.40pm – 6.20pm

Fridays 3.40pm – 7.20pm

Saturdays 10am – 7.20pm

Sundays 10am  – 6.20pm

Important information

  • A Christmas Experience estate ticket will be required to access these areas.
  • Tickets will be needed to take part in these which can be booked with entry tickets


The Christmas Experience

Elf Crafts & Mrs Claus
From £4
per person
  • Timed entry to Elf Crafts or Mrs Claus
  • One token per Elf activity
  • One Mrs Claus ticket per child